Friday, March 18, 2011

Gift Package

I created this gift set for one of my little cousins..she is my only girl cousin, so I am always using new ideas on her!  Her room colors are orange, pink, yellow, red, and purple, such cute colors.  I decided to get crafty and make her a couple of her things for her room.  A while ago, I played around with ribbon wreaths, and they turned out very cute.  I took pieces of ribbon and cloth and attached them to a 14'' ring.  I added a larger initial in the wreath so it would stand out better (originally I had a smaller and lighter purple "J."  I also created her a canvas with her name on it.  I painted it on a 12x24 canvas, so its a nice size canvas.  I think this little gift set turned out so cute!  It is a great addition to any boy or girls room!

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