Saturday, June 25, 2011


The other day I stumbled upon this wonderful website, Vintage Revivals.  I probably spent hours looking through her site and drooling over the cutest furniture and decorating tips.  When she restores furniture, she uses a technique called glazing.  It can turn the drabbest piece of furniture into the cutest thing!  The second I could, I headed to the thrift store and Home Depot to get all my supplies to 'play.'   

My first purchase was a dollar frame at the thrift store.  I just wanted something to try out and see if I was even any good.  I forgot to take my before picture, but the frame was just a plane hunter green frame..nothing to it. That is, until I got my hands on it and turned it into this:

It is hard to see the glaze on the frame because there is not much to the frame.. So I headed back to the thrift store to find something a little more detailed..

This morning when I headed back, I found 2 mirrors that I thought would work perfect!  I spent a total of $10 for both of the mirrors.  This time, I remembered my before pictures! 

Please ignore the trees in the mirror and the fake green 'turf' is part of the lovely wheelchair ramp that is currently at our house for the bull rider.. 

Mirror 1

Close up

Ever closer view

Mirror 2 (my personal fav)

Close up of beautiful detail

Here are the finished products!

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

And for your entertainment..

This would by my cat, Vera, climbing up the screen window..crazy cat..

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend!

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