Friday, July 1, 2011

The Final Beauty..

Wow - Two post in one day? I don't think I have managed that one in a while.  This one is not with a painting, however.  I finally (alllmost) finished my thrift store project.  You can look back to this post to check out the cutie I purchased.

  Well, after many days being melted by the blazing sun and chewed up by every mosquito out there, I was able to successfully transform my cutie to a beauty!  

This is how she looked when I purchased her from Goodwill for $20.

After a good, long scrub down, a coat of primer, a nice, clean painting, and a little glaze to top it off, she looks like....


I painted the top drawer a beautiful rich red to make it pop a little.  I plan on getting some funky fabric to line the inside of the drawer and shelf with, which is why I can't pronounce her 100% complete.  

I know she isn't much, but its my first shot at this whole refinishing furniture thing, and it was fun, so it excites me.  
There were some plain, boring knobs on the piece when I bought it, but I wanted to change it to something a little more funky.  

I found these cool knobs at the good ole' HobLob.  I think they add a little personality to it.  

I can't wait to go out next week to see what other goodies I can pick up at the thrift store and 'play' with! :)

What do ya think?


Shannon said...

Laura, I am in love with your find! You did an amazing job! And I love Hobby Lobby knobs! They are cheap and cute! I'd buy one of those for my house any day!

Doodlebug Art said...

Thank you Shannon! I have never shopped for knobs at Hobby Lobby but I think I am going to have to start buying pieces that need knobs because they have the cutest and funkiest selections!