Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Roboto

Whew! That is all I have to say!  These suckers have just about kicked my hiney!  I can't tell you how long I have been working on these robot paintings.  I thought I was never going to finish them..but I am glad I did!  If I may say so myself, they turned out pretty awesome (just don't ask me to paint another robot for a while ;)

These robots are painted on 10x20 canvases.  I wanted each robot to have his own personality, and I think I managed that one - I have a big eared robot, big eyed robot, and big teeth - they are all cute in their own special way :)

I have to admit that the "JAX" name in the robot was not my idea - I have to give that credit to the mom who ordered them.  I definitely give her props on that!

It is never too early to get a jump start on your holiday gifts.  Doodlebug Art is a great place to find that special piece of art for the kiddos, for the newlyweds, the teachers, even for yourself!  So get to thinking on your holiday wish list!

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