Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girl Power!

I absolutely love when I get an order for something really girly..that means lots of glitter and rhinestones and y'all know I am all about that!  I was asked to do a canvas for a little girl who is getting her own room!  Greens, purples, and yellows were the requested colors.  Since I didn't know what shades of those colors, I just tried to get as many of those shades of colors as I could! 

Each flower has it's own details, which a big reason why I love this canvas so much.  I wanted each flower to have it's own personality.  I used shades of pink and red as accent colors, which I think helps the canvas 'POP!'

With this beautiful fall weather lately, it was time to pull out my scarves (and I hae a lot of scarves).  I had 3 pieces of wood that are about 30 inches long.  I painted one piece of wood lightly with turquoise, then blended just a hint of red and white with it.  Then I had to distress it because I am all about distressing these days! 

I have been waiting for a reason to go shopping for knobs at the good ole' Hobby Lobby and I finally had a reason too!  I picked out 6 knobs that went with my color scheme and screwed them into the wood.  And voila!  I now have a new scarf holder!  It would also be great to hang necklases on or even coats! 

I have 2 more pieces of wood available that are not painted..so you can choose your own color schemes if you are interested in one!  Please send an email on over to Doodlebugart1@gmail.com!

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