Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well Hot Dog!

Wait, what? I'm blogging?  That's right!  I didn't mean to abandon ya'll - writing a new post has been on my list of things to do for a few weeks now, but I think we all know by now that I do not like coming up with things to say, I'd rather just show my pictures! :)

So to make it short and sweet, I have been working on Christmas orders everyday now for the past couple of weeks, and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with them.  My problem is I start one, then start another while that one is drying, then start another, then go back to the first, back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth.  Then by the end, I have 10 canvases with backgrounds painted, but nothing on them!  Anyways, my goal is to finish up orders this week because I will be out of town this weekend.  SO - if you ordered a Christmas order - be on the lookout for an email soon!  Okay, I feel out of breath just typing all of that so here is an update on some Christmas orders as well as a few newbies! 

First up - my all time favorite piece.  LOVE the colors!

This cute little 11x14 frame is going in a little girls pink and green room!

Crosses are such beautiful pieces - I think they look great hanging up anywhere!

This is one of the newbies.   It is a 12'' piece of wood, 2 inches thick so it stands up.  A coordinating piece of paper is glued on as well as a bulldog clip.  I think its a great piece, because you can change out the picture as often as you want with the clip!

This is another version of the clip on frame.  This time, I painted a curly 'K' for the baby's initial!

This is another newbie.  I think it is safe to say that this has been the year of burlap, and yes, I fell into the burlap obsession!  It is a cute little frame with a burlap bow attached at the top.  I plan on making some in pinks and blues that would look great in a baby's room!

Now for the last 2 paintings.  Who the heck doesn't love a personalized gift!?  Especially for those girly girls that love glitter, rhinestones, and PINK!

Last but not least, I think every family needs at least 1 personalized piece ;)

Well good grief, I didn't know I was THAT behind on catching you all up!!  Hopefully that won't happen again!

Merry Christmas!!!

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