Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Here!..

The Christmas season! Can you tell I am excited yet?..if not, then just wait!  Sometimes I feel like the Crazy Target Lady (which I have waited all year for these commercials!)..

  To celebrate the Christmas season, I have been hosting a giveaway this weekend for $25 towards Doodlebug Art! I can't wait to find out who wins tonight!  The contest ends at 8 p.m. tonight so you still have a couple of hours to get your comments in!

Along with a list of Christmas orders to get done this year, I have/am trying to work on some pieces on the side that are ready to go for some last minute Christmas gifts.  I have started a 'Ready to be Shipped' album on my Facebook page of these items.  If you are interested in one, just leave a comment with your email underneath the pictures, and I'll get it to you ASAP!

Lately I have been in love with 'recycled art.'  That is probably a big thanks to Pinterest.  But I love finding old/used pieces to create on.  These next two pieces of art are made on a long piece of aged wood.  They are mixed media pieces of art with acrylic paint and scrapbook paper.


'I Heart Wine'

Both pieces are available under the "Ready to Ship" album on Facebook!  

Friday, November 25, 2011

Well Hey There Black Friday!..

Black Friday is here!  In order to celebrate and kick of the Christmas season, I am having some awesome sales going on throughout the day today.  It is only on my Facebook page (click the link and it'll take you straight there).  I am posting some items that are ready to be shipped for 25% off for today.  Also, today is the last day to get any Christmas orders in.  I am offering 25% off of your total purchase today as well as a giveaway starting later on today!!  Be sure to head to my Facebook page (Doodlebug Art) and hop on those sales!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Elephant!

Here is another version of the wooden elephant design.  I am also working on a version of a houndstooth one, so be on the lookout!

Don't forget!  This Friday is the LAST day to get in Christmas orders!!  I am stopping orders at midnight that night to ensure time to get them all complete!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Word Work

I think it is safe to say that my elephant Alabama paintings are probably, by far, my most popular item. I have been wanting to try out some 'wood work' lately because I feel that is all I see at craft shows {along with burlap items}  Now don't get me wrong, just because I see so much doesn't mean I don't like fact, I have loved everything I have seen lately!  So much, that I had to try it for myself.  And.. that is where the elephants come into play.  I needed a simple pattern that I could draw out on the wood and that my handy-dandy brother could easily cut it out.  My elephants are probably one of the most simple things I draw out when painting - and that is how this new item was born....

This elephant is cut out of a thin, lightweight wood.  I painted it and sealed it.  I would have to say that the tail is my fav.  I took three pieces of thin rope, braided them, and painted them.

Usually, I am the type that never likes any of my finished products because I always find something I don't like about it.. but after I finished this little cutie, I couldn't stop smiling!

Don't forget to get your Christmas orders in!  {They are already starting to stack up!}  You have until November 25 to get any Christmas orders in!!

Roll Tide! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Orders 2011

Just a quick update and then it is back to painting DWTS.  I am going to cut off Christmas orders on November 25.  I want to make sure that I have plenty of time to get all orders filled and shipped out!  If you want to place an order, please send an email to me at  {The sooner the better!}  Thank you so much for all of your love and support! {Maybe I'll throw in a giveaway between now and Christmas!}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girl Power!

I absolutely love when I get an order for something really girly..that means lots of glitter and rhinestones and y'all know I am all about that!  I was asked to do a canvas for a little girl who is getting her own room!  Greens, purples, and yellows were the requested colors.  Since I didn't know what shades of those colors, I just tried to get as many of those shades of colors as I could! 

Each flower has it's own details, which a big reason why I love this canvas so much.  I wanted each flower to have it's own personality.  I used shades of pink and red as accent colors, which I think helps the canvas 'POP!'

With this beautiful fall weather lately, it was time to pull out my scarves (and I hae a lot of scarves).  I had 3 pieces of wood that are about 30 inches long.  I painted one piece of wood lightly with turquoise, then blended just a hint of red and white with it.  Then I had to distress it because I am all about distressing these days! 

I have been waiting for a reason to go shopping for knobs at the good ole' Hobby Lobby and I finally had a reason too!  I picked out 6 knobs that went with my color scheme and screwed them into the wood.  And voila!  I now have a new scarf holder!  It would also be great to hang necklases on or even coats! 

I have 2 more pieces of wood available that are not you can choose your own color schemes if you are interested in one!  Please send an email on over to!